Daniel Treviño portrait

Daniel Treviño García

Computer Systems and Information Technology Engineering

Stockholm, Sweden

I am Daniel, a 25 year old Computer Systems Engineer. I moved to Sweden 3 years ago after I got a full time job as a System Developer at Occident AB.
I am very passionate about all things related to new technology, I tend to work on side-projects to teach myself the latest technologies. I like to focus on Web Development in a professional aspect. I would describe myself as an optimistic person because I always look forward to achieve my goals and objectives, either personal or professional.

01. Experience

Jan 2015 – Present

System Developer

Occident AB (Stockholm, Sweden)

Website Developer – Working with WordPress theme development and ASP.NET VB using REST, Ajax, jQuery.
System Developer – Data mining experience by parsing a data set and creating a database from the relevant data, also rendering the data again to a specific format (PDF, TXT, XML) that is later used for others purposes.
Linux and Windows Server administrator – Make sure the servers are always updated, up and running. Setting up the environment for new websites or platforms to be hosted. Responsible of the security of the servers.
Website administrator – Updating content using CMS.

Jun 2014 – Jul 2014

Software Engines in Aviation Systems

General Electric (Querétaro, México)

Using Lean, Six Sigma and CAP methodologies to do an analysis and implement solutions in a short period of time on a particular process that was taking too much time to be done. The solution was implemented on PHP in a platform that they own and it is used to track the process of their projects.

Jun 2008 – Jan 2014

IT Support

Empeños Casa Villarreal (Morelos, México)

I created a network of computers; given maintenance removing viruses or fixing any technical issues such as security cameras, also, advising staff about the benefits and use of remote control software.

Jan 2014 – May 2014

Software Analyst

T-Systems (Puebla, México)

Worked on the design of user experience, documentation and planning of projects that are created for the sub-title. The documentation of the projects included objectives, purpose, development, prototypes, user case diagrams, etc.

02. Education

Fundación Universidad de las Américas, Puebla, A.C.

Bachelor of Computer Systems and Information Technologies Engineering

2010 – 2014

Uppsala University

Bachelor of Computer Systems and Information Technologies Engineering

2012 – 2013

03. Skills

Amount of experience

  • React JS
  • jQuery
  • Nodejs
  • Javascript
  • MongoDB
  • PHP
  • WordPress
  • VB ASP.Net
  • Python
  • Data transformation
  • Linux Server Management
  • IT Service Management
  • Git server administrator
  • Networking
  • C/ C++/ C#
  • Java
  • Android SDK

I am also fluent in Spanish, English, Swedish and basic French.

04. Awards & Leadership

Summer 2010

UDLAP Programming contest (UDLAPrix)

Second Place Won

It was 3 hours long and they where given 8 different problems to solve. Each of the competitors needed to finish at least 5 of them. The awards where scholarships to study in the university for the first 3 winners.

April 2010

International La Salle Programming contest

Sixth Place out of twenty four

It was 5 hours long and there was 1 problem given to solve. The rest of the competitors where first year IT students while I was still at highschool.

Spring 2012

Harvard Manage Mentor

Online Course

Consisted on developing critical business knowledge and skills across the workforce. There where subjects that are important in companies as an employee or owner such as how to treat people in order to motivate them to archive a better performance.

05. Projects

Frontend (script) & Backend

Xeljanzpatient brochure

Client: Pfizer

Description: Having this Patient brochure removes the need of downloading PDF in a Website. The content inside the PDF becomes part of the Website with this solution, improving user experience and SEO since is best practice to have the content rendered in the Website.

Technology used: jQuery

Development time: ~6 weeks

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Frontend & Backend

EY Access

Client: Ernst & Young

Description: Creating an Isomorphic application using ReactJS in the Frontend and Wordpress in the Backend. Atomic design is also used in order to have easier reutilization of components for future updates or projects.

Technology used: ReactJS / Redux / NodeJS / Wordpress / Atomic Design

Development time: ~6 weeks

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Frontend (script)

Portfolio Website (Hitchris)

Client: Christian Cerda Österlind

Description: Development of an interactive Website. Using a canvas to calculate and render a map. Navigate to specific coordinates while it scrolls.

Technology used: jQuery / Javascript (canvas)

Development time: ~8 weeks

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